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General Questions

Pay By Installments
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General Questions

Who are we?
We are the largest manufacturer of all-in-one gelato machines, based near Dallas, Texas.
Where is the machine made?
The machine is assembled in Texas with custom parts sourced from China, Italy, Germany, and other locations.
What about recipes and ingredients?
We provide recipes, ingredients, and parameter recommendations to help you create the optimal flavor.
Do you offer a warranty?
We offer a full two-year manufacturer's warranty on all parts and labor.
What about the lead time?
Delivery is usually 2-3 weeks after an order is placed, except for bulk orders or customizations.
Production time and capacity per pot?
Each batch takes around 15 minutes to produce. Each pot holds 3 liters of product, and we recommend starting with 2 liters of ingredients to account for overrun.

1. Pay By Installments Step-By-Step Guide

Click "Add To Cart"
Click "shop Pay"
Click "Continue to payment plans"
Fill in the form and click "Continue"
Choose your plan and click "Continue"
Enter the last 4 digits of your SSN & click "continue"
Check and click "Complete purchase"

2. How can I get product catalog and price list?

You can download our Top Churn Series Catalog from here and price list from here. If you have difficulty of downloading them, please contact us here or give us a call by clicking on the phone icon at the top right corner.