Warranty terms

  1. The manufacturer provides a 24-month warranty service for the equipment purchased by the Buyer (time calculated from the date of shipment). Free repairs are provided during the warranty period, labor and parts.
  2. The manufacturer provides remote technical guidance to ensure correct repair by the Buyer for consumption components
  3. During on-site repairs, the manufacturer bears the costs of lodging, travel expense, and spare parts; domestic logistics cost for sending repairs are borne by the manufacturer.
  4. During the use of the equipment, if there are adjustability faults due to improper use by the Buyer, the manufacturer will provide remote guidance to assist in the proper operation of the equipment. If component damage is caused by improper use by the Buyer, the warranty policy does not apply. In this situation, the replacement costs are borne by the Buyer.
  5. After the 24 month warranty, the Buyer has the option to purchase an extended warranty for each cylinder that will cost $800 annually. For this extended warranty, the Manufacturer will assume the cost of all replacement parts and shipping required for the machine.